The Curator of the Sands

I have come in search of my treacherous nemesis, Renekton, but I shall be generous to the innocent and answer all requests.

Any knowledge you would like to gain?  

dreammakr said: Have you thought about returning to your world? And are you afraid that anyone else has followed you?

I have had many thoughts on the matter, and I am hoping to make a decision soon. I would have to consult the council before I acted though.. I am most positive that not a single soul followed me.

yitan said: so why don't you ask nidalee to be your valentine's you two seem like you might work well together?

Perhaps. Thank you for caring, summoner.

Anonymous said: Who are you gonna ask to be your Valentine?

Ah, love. The only power that can overcome anyone and anything. Even I have to forfeit when matched against it. I was contemplating on asking sweet little Ahri, though previous engagements have warned me to be weary of the answer.

Anonymous said: *squinty glare* Did you take my jolly ranchers? Someone took them and I'm going to find out who it is.

My deepest apologies Summoner, but I have not come across your jolly ranchers. On the other hand, you might strive to ask Gangplank.


Ahem… Excuse me summoners.

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Colt “Ezreal” Wrobel


Colt “Ezreal” Wrobel


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kalseng-deactivated20120629 said: Oh wow. Even if you aren't mad, you weren't doing anything to try and put out the fires! Hahaha. Calm and concentrated frustration/anger/madness/animosity/hatred/what have you is still frustration/anger/etc. I ask non-anon because this isn't something I'm afraid to say! Hahaha

Oh wow. Did one of your friends tell you to read all of that? You’re so late. Just leave kid. 

This is also an example of how I’m not the bad guy here. Even after all the arguing, the trolls tell their friends to “troll” me even after the whole ordeal. What’s done is done. 

Anonymous said: Ohhhh alright, so who is your champion crush Mr. Nasus?

I am feeling generous today, so I guess I must share. I have quite an infatuation with Ahri. Foxes always touched me on the inside.